Marick Entertainment

Marick Entertainment

Marick Holdings LTD. is the parent company for a wide range of online businesses.

Based in London England, they oversee companies, which have a global reach across the Internet. Ranging from adult entertainment, e-commerce, lifestyle magazines and gaming. Other key businesses within the group are:

Marick Entertainment Ltd. Is the development arm of the group. New projects and companies are developed through the guidance of Marick Entertainment, which holds all intellectual property for the group. When projects are released, they become their own business siting within the group structure.

Marick ME Ltd, is a male lifestyle business centered on the website. This website carries male and lifestyle features, sells male grooming products, mens’ boys toys and ‘experience’ days, and carries classified advertisements for the hire and sale of helicopters, motorbikes, prestige cars and yachts.

Marick G Ltd, is the operating company for the adult entertainment business centered on the new website This website will be a fully functional, intuitive-to-use and comprehensive adult entertainment themed website offering ‘camming services’ across various categories, and selling videos and still photographs of performers. A mail order adult shop selling lingerie, adult toys and publications, etc. In addition, it will carry classified advertisements for associated glamour services.

Marick AW Ltd. is the operating company for a range of awards across different entertainment categories.
Amongst some of the Awards we produce are: The UK Glamour Awards, The Pride Awards, UK Fetish Awards, UK Cam Awards and UK Pole Dancing Awards. Each award competition helps to promote and network our various businesses in a relevant market. We have created the awards to reward the best performers across their relevant industries. Through a range of categories to highlight the crème de la crème of the industry, contestants are voted for by their fans. The winners will are celebrated at their relative awards ceremonies each year.

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